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VALUENEXRadar Basics


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Analysis Types

Depending on your account, you can access the following: VALUENEXRadar Patents, Documents, and Scope.

Patents and Documents
Used for technology convergence insight, extraction of white space, predictive modeling and more. The most comprehensive analytics platform, with analyses up to 100,000 documents. Creates a data landscape of documents precisely plotted on a radar based on their semantic similarities and differences. Accompanied by various graphs showing centers of gravity, trends over time, synergy cases, and more.

Used for quick competitive analyses, prior art search, industry overviews and more. Analyzes up to 1,000 application or granted status patents and plots them on a radar based on semantic similarities and differences. Able to highlight data based on assignees, keywords, or inventors, and gives a list of patents relevant to the query. Includes adaptive learning capabilities.

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