Instant overview analyses and prior art search with in-built USPTO, EPO, WIPO, JPO databases.

Types of analyses

  • Concept Search: Up to 1000 documents, query up to 520 000 characters, filter data by title, applicant, inventor, IPC

  • Patent No. Search: Set a specific patent as the center of your analysis or create one based on multiple numbers

  • Patent Evaluation: Upload up to 1000 patent numbers to discover similarities, overlap, and relationships

  • Adaptive Analysis: Add, remove, or block words from your analysis for quick recalculation and remapping

VALUENEXRadar Scope gives:

  • Competitive analysis of companies related to specific technologies, products, or services

  • Overview of where companies are filing within a field, who the inventors are, and what the technological relationships are

  • Prior art map with pin-point location of patents of interest

Supported analysis languages: English, Japanese, Chinese

Get an instant overview of where companies and key people are with the competitive analysis.

See a full list of documents in a dataset, and view all of the details contained within specified areas.