Japan Patent Office Links to VALUENEX Radar

TOKYO, May 14, 2018 - From today, the Japan Patent Office (JPO) site will be linked to VALUENEXRadar Scope, providing users with a free overhead view of patents within a data set. This will allow for users to gain a quick understanding of where companies, inventors, and technologies fall within a specific patent landscape, leading to insight for finding potential alliance or customer candidates, uniqueness of an idea, and existing technologies or prior art.

With proprietary algorithms incorporating unsupervised machine learning, high-dimensional visualizations and precision clustering, the VALUENEXRadar tool suite allows for easy-viewing of patents precisely plotted on a map based on full text semantic similarities. With the scale of distance representing the difference of technology coverage, users can quickly gain insight into what is happening in a field, where a company's priorities are, and what technologies are emerging.

JPO recognizes the growing need for deep analytics which VALUENEX provides, and stated "In recent years, the importance of analyzing and utilizing intellectual property information has increased, and the demand for user-specific IP analyses that can not be covered by traditional patent application technology-trend methods is increasing. Analysis of patent information in which various technical data is accumulated is useful for business strategies such as R&D planning, searching for collaborators, and promoting innovation in Japan, which are all achievable by utilizing these tools.” [source - JP only]

For more information, visit the JPO introduction page. [JP only]

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