Automotive Manufactures, Patent Trolls, and America First Policies: a patent-portfolio analysis of Intellectual Ventures and their attack on the auto industry


The threat of a full blown global trade war destabilizing the world economy has been been headlining the news, but the America First policy has had huge impacts on major automobile companies since May 1st, 2017, when the US International Trade Commission (ITC) began investigating Japanese and German automotive manufacturers for violating the patents of US companies.

A look at the timing of the lawsuit that triggered the investigation and policies of the then newly appointed President of the USA reveals how 'patent trolls’ have tried to make a last-ditch effort to save their industry which was nearly wiped out by policies of the former Presidential administration. An analysis of the patent portfolio of Intellectual Ventures (IV), the non-practicing entity (NPE) and perceived ‘patent troll’ that filed the lawsuit against the automotive manufactures, uncovers their strategies.

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