VALUENEXRadar Patents

Discover white space, technology convergence, and untapped potential through deep analytics of in-built USPTO, EPO, WIPO, JPO databases.

Types of analyses

  • Concept Search: Up to 100 000 documents, query up to 520 000 characters, filter data by title, applicant, inventor, IPC

  • Bibliographic & Legal Status Search: Search by title, applicant, inventor or IPC. Can also collect up to 100 000 documents

  • Uploaded Patent Search: Create a dataset for analysis by uploading your own patent list

VALUENEXRadar Patents gives:

  • Panoramic views of technologies related to specific products or services

  • Cross-field, cross-industry mapping of company activities

  • Comprehensive breakdown of R&D patterns

  • Trend-mapping in specific technology fields

Pinpoint high growth and underdeveloped areas, discover technology convergence, grasp synergy opportunities, and map R&D trends and evolution of a portfolio or field.

Identify areas of interest in a panoramic landscape, view detailed technology breakdowns based on relevance, and predict future directions for proactive decision-making.

Understand a company's position compared to others in the field. Dig deep by honing in on patents, inventors, assignees, and key areas. Specify parameters to clearly bring out patterns and trends.


Utilize highly-visual and customizable heat maps showing growth and decline, and carve out white spaces of untapped potential.

Visualize patterns in application volume by IPC, assignee, inventor, and applicant.

Grasp any company's SWOT analysis through a comprehensive breakdown and maximize potential backed with insightful data.