Panasonic Solution Technologies Co., Ltd.

Established as an ICT and IoT solution provider in 1988, they support problem-solving and business creation in specific industries by utilizing their abundant wealth of experience in finding solutions in the manufacturing sector, applying their technological expertise cultivated from the Panasonic Group, and partnering with clients. They promote a transformation of work style and business process by applying their strengths in data management, data search and collection, and technology analysis.

PatentSQUARE is a patent search database developed and provided by Panasonic Solution Technologies Co., Ltd, which systematized search know-how in Panasonic. With this service, IP officials and technical experts without search know-how can conduct patent searches at the same level as research experts. Its easy-to-use UI, flexible functions for dataset creation, advanced search formulas and quick response time are highly revered by users.



Partner Interview
Tetsuyuki Yoneda
Manager - IP Solutions Division
Panasonic Solution Technologies Co., Ltd.

We asked Mr. Yoneda, Manager of IP Solutions Division and person in charge of PatentSQUARE, why PatentSQUARE and VALUENEXRadar are a good match, and about their expectations of VALUENEX.

Where and when did the interest for a collaboration between PatentSQUARE and VALUENEXRadar start?

We heard from our clients that “there is an analytics tool that we want integrated into PatentSQUARE”, so we immediately began to investigate. After speaking with VALUENEX staff and learning about the tools in detail, we became very interested in the Panoramic View and Predictive Analytics capabilities, which our system didn't have. We had developed simple mapping and analytics functions, but none were close to the depth and clarity of VALUENEX tools. Realizing that we could add value for our clients by adding these capabilities led to the decision to enter a collaboration.

And after receiving your initial collaboration offer, you came back with an even bigger idea of adding VALUENEX tools to your service list.

PatentSQUARE has been providing free upgrades twice a year in response to our clients' requests, and incorporating analytics functions has been one of the most sought after additions. Initially, we wanted to combine the two systems to enhance our offerings, but realized that it would also be very helpful for our clients if they could access VALUENEXRadar directly. So, we thought it best to become a distributor of VALUENEX tools.

How would you like to further develop your partnership with VALUENEX?

Currently, VALUENEXRadar’s panoramic view analysis can easily be performed on datasets created from PatentSQUARE. We have received further requests for the VALUENEXRadar results to be returned to - and directly viewable in - the PatentSQUARE platform itself. With this request and others from our clients, we would like to continue to closely work together to provide them with best solutions possible.


For more information about PatentSQUARE, please visit their site. [Japanese only]