VALUENEXRadar is a predictive analytics system which provides clear visualization and a panoramic view of a wide array of documents, and produces easy to understand reports of growing and shrinking areas of a dataset, superior and inferior players in a field, and SWOT analyses of specified entities.

VNXRadar Patents.png

using our in-built patent data

  • Cloud-based

  • Analyses of up to 100,000 patents from in-built databases

  • Dashboard and landscape analytics

  • Option for offline analytics with ClusterMapViewer

Using your uploaded data

  • Cloud-based

  • Analyses of up to 100,000 documents and/or 2.5+GB of data

  • Dashboard and landscape analytics

  • Option for offline analytics with ClusterMapViewer


using our in-built patent data

  • Cloud-based

  • Analyses of up to 1,000 patents from in-built databases

  • Real-time and adaptive analytics



See Patterns Instantly

VALUENEX's unique algorithm can process extremely large amounts of data thanks to its rapid high-precision 60-million-dimension analysis, and transform them into clear 3D visualizations.

exploratory areas.png

Find Exploratory Technology Areas

Extract the number of patent applications over a period of time, and understand which fields are seeing rapid growth in patent applications - a sign of new technologies and products.

Understand Evolutions and Trends over Time

See your competitors' changes in direction in business focus areas.

untapped potential.png

Discover Untapped Potential

By studying White Space - or underdeveloped areas - and find new potential for innovation with synergistic overlaps.


We live in a highly globalized world where product and service development cycles are getting shorter and competition in technology development is growing irreversibly stronger. A broad-based, multi-layered analysis of data is essential in sharing information to efficiently foster innovative products and services, as well as putting organizational ecosystems into place which promote working towards a common goal.

We aim to provide insight from the global flood of information and create value in the form of new knowledge.

Our panoramic view analysis technique makes it possible to:

  • Interlock different layers of information - such as patents and technical papers, as well as product, needs, and market information - providing the framework to understand which activities are relevant from multiple perspectives;
  • Derive effective conclusions, for each dimension, without losing sight of the overall picture;
  • Obtain not only information, but also inspire you to act and achieve success.


To achieve a panoramic view analysis, we rely on our unique proprietary algorithms, which we continually improve to face the ever-changing business analytics environment. 



How it works:

1. Enter a search query or upload your data.


Calculated by using our internal algorithm, enhancing the accuracy of the TF-IDF methodology with parallel calculation.


Generates document vectors based on term vectors. Our algorithm uses 60+ million dimensions for possible word combinations, and machine learning to recognize natural language and compound words.


Similar documents are grouped into clusters, with each ones size proportional to the number of documents it contains, and plotted on the radar map based on its similarities and differences to others in the dataset.




High-precision analyses using proprietary algorithms processing tens of thousands of words from weekly updated databases.



Analyses up to 100 000 items with full text, abstracts, claims, or other targeted semantic data. Accompanied with original graph-based indicators. 


High speed analyses using cloud computing and parallel processing with proprietary algorithms.