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Pioneer in AI Predictive Analytics, IP and R&D trend analysis and Big Data visualization

VALUENEX's highly-visualized panoramic view and predictive analytics provide coherent insight from the vast flood of growing information

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Find information instead of searching for it

Detect previously unnoticed patterns and new inspirations, and discover white space through innovative four-dimensional mapping technology with specified parameters, such as company names, keywords, document codes, time ranges, etc...

Trending Report

Supersonic passenger transport came to a close with the official retirement of the Concorde 15 years ago, but with recent advancements in composite structures, reduction of engines noise levels, and increased fuel efficiency, achieving a flight time of just 3 hours and 15 minutes between New York and London should soon be possible once again.

With Lockheed Martin partnering with Aerion to develop smaller supersonic business jets and Spike Aerospace taking aim at the ultra-rich with their private jets expected to travel at Mach 1.6 speeds, the next supersonic flights are expected to ...