Visit our booth or look for our staff at the following events to learn more about how to make the most of VALUENEX's powerful analytics tools and services.


IPBC Global 2019 • Boston • June 16 - 18


Widely recognised as the global gathering for the world’s IP business leaders, IPBC Global has hosted over 6,500 senior attendees since it was first held back in 2008. In 2019 IPBC Global returns to Boston from 16 to 18 June following a sell-out event in San Francisco in June 2018.

The programme features innovative, fresh and exciting session formats specifically designed to encourage delegate interaction with a world-class speaking faculty specifically tasked to offer deep strategic insights and cutting-edge best practices. Designed with and for IP decision-makers, the programme facilitates discussion around the critical topics keeping corporate leaders awake at night.

In addition to the extensive learning programme, IPBC Global offers unrivalled formal and informal networking opportunities designed in the knowledge that for many attendees, who you meet at an IPBC event is just as important as what you learn.

IPBC Global 2019 offers an unmatched chance to put yourself inside three days of dynamic discussion involving those who make the world’s IP weather. It is the one IP event that senior executives always make sure to attend and that makes it the one event you cannot afford to miss

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"Data as the Foundation of Life Sciences Innovation" Seminar • Palo Alto • April 2

Co-Hosts with Skadden, Arps

As we move into the next generation of life sciences technology, including increased convergence of “traditional” pharma/life sciences technologies with sensors, wireless communications, semiconductors, the Internet and other technologies, we identify data integration at the core.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in life sciences is impacting the way innovative health technologies and pharmaceuticals are discovered, distributed, manufactured, and consumed, enabling greater personalization across the industry. The power of AI lies in the vast mountains of data generated through R&D, including clinical trials. As companies begin their R&D cycle, it is essential to reassess what data is considered valuable. VALUENEX presents a perspective of the next generation in life sciences innovation, analyzing that data that is often overlooked.

With the new opportunities afforded by this convergence of biotech and high tech come attendant risks. Skadden explores a few of these risks and related challenges for emerging companies seeking to establish a foothold in this competitive landscape and for more established companies that may seek to develop, in-license or acquire new technologies to remain competitive.


3:15 – 5:15 • Roundtable Seminar
5:15 – 6:00 • Closing Reception


Ken D. Kumayama
Michael J. Mies
Jiyoung Choi
Angela Valadez

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MinneAnalytics HALICON 2019 • Eden Prairie • March 29


MinneAnalytics’ premier conference on data science and emerging tech in healthcare and life sciences returns March 29!

Join us as we explore the latest topics in data science, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), IoT, robotic process automation (RPA), graph analytics & GDB, natural language processing (NLP), data viz & storytelling, genomics, precision medicine, and more at this free event.

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Global IP Exchange Europe • Berlin • March 11 - 13


The Global IP Exchange will bring together 100 of the leading Heads of IP, Patent, Trademark and Brand Protection to discover new ideas and make new connections across over interactive roundtable discussions, lively debates and evening reception. Over this immersive three day event, you will have the opportunity to explore the following key topics that will provide you with practical skills to take back to the office:

  • Strengthening The IP Department's Connection To AI Technology
  • Keeping Track Of Your Competitors In The Revolving IP Landscape
  • Striking The Right Target At The Right Time: The Whack-A-Mole Game
  • Becoming a Chameleon – Engaging the Wider Business In The Value of IP
  • Protecting Your Brand on Social Media Platforms: How to Keep Up!
  • Diversity in IP: Developing The Next Generation of Innovators and IP Leaders
  • Navigating Your IP Compass –EU vs. Asia vs. USA
  • Converting IP Into A Profit Generating Machine: Culture and Cost Management
  • Preparing For The Storm: UPC, Brexit And European Upheaval

VALUENEX will be leading a round table discussion on the topic of Open Innovation and IP: How to expedite Open Innovation through patent portfolio analysis.

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"Open Innovation and Big Data Analysis" Seminar • Sunnyvale • February 11


In recent years, technological convergence, combining technologies from different fields - such as automatic driving and digital health - has attracted attention because of its disruptive nature.

Large Japanese companies with branches in Silicon Valley are working to acquire new technologies and ideas from different external areas such as start-ups, universities, research institutes, and so on. and to achieve open innovation to develop innovative products and services. However, the scope is limited by the information and network available and it is easy to lose sight of a clear direction.

In this seminar, VALUENEX's important clients, Mr. Sekine of Mazda North American Operations and Mr. Fukuda of Daikin America, Inc., will explain how the quantitative and systematic analysis of big data has helped them in their activities in Silicon Valley. Then Mr. Nakamura - CEO and founder of VALUENEX - will give a presentation on the use of predictive analytics based on the economic environment.


15:00 - 15:30 Reception
15h30 - 17h00 Seminar, Questions and Answers
17:00 - 18:00 Networking


  • Hiroshi Sekine, Project Manager, Center for Innovation Research, Mazda Operations in North America

  • Yoji Fukuda, Head of Patent Planning, Daikin America, Inc.

  • Tatsuo Nakamura, CEO and founder of VALUENEX

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IP World Summit 2018 • Amsterdam • October 8 - 10

Sponsors & Speakers

The IP World Summit is a one-stop shop for IP leaders offering a mix of thought provoking and practical sessions now covering a range of approaches to IP protection, strategy and monetisation, including patents, trade secrets, designs, copyright, licensing and trademarks.

Designed exclusively for Chief Intellectuals Property Officers, Heads of Patents, Heads of IP, IP Managers and Patent Attorneys, IP World Summit provides the opportunity to learn from global leaders about how to balance increasing business interest in your IP portfolio.

SEP values and coverage are currently calculated in an overly simple way and can lead to unfair valuations of a company’s portfolio. VALUENEX's Jiyoung Choi will present on new ways of better understanding and optimizing their value and royalty rates through patent landscapes

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IPBC Japan 2018 • Tokyo • September 13

Gold Sponsors & Panelists

Japan remains Asia’s IP powerhouse and IAM is pleased to announce that our bi-annual IPBC dedicated to this influential jurisdiction will return to the Hotel Okura Tokyo on September 13 2018.

Building on the highly successful events in 2014 and 2016, and leveraging IAM’s extensive relationships within the Japanese IP community, this unique jurisdictional event will bring together more than 200 senior IP executives from leading Japanese corporates, research institutions and government agencies, plus their international counterparts, to provide an unparalleled opportunity for learning and networking.

The packed, fully bilingual one-day programme (with simultaneous Japanese-English interpretation) will provide attendees with best-practice advice on corporate IP best practice, with particular attention given to innovation-based growth and international risk mitigation. As with all IPBCs, particular focus is assigned to the networking aspect of the event to allow senior IP managers to come together to discuss key issues and challenges in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere.

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MinneBOS: A Field Guide to Data Science & Emerging Tech in the Boston Community • Boston • August 23


MinneAnalytics, the country’s largest community-based analytics group, is organizing a free, all-day event in Boston, which will be an experience that is accessible, authentic and engaging.

This premier, multi-track event features sessions on the latest topics in data science, including AI, Machine Learning, and much more.

VALUENEX's Chief Operating Officer, Jiyoung Choi, will be presenting on Predicting the Future and Discovering Opportunities using Big Data & AI. She will introduce a new way of viewing and understanding 100,000 documents at a time to predict the future of companies and industries, find new business opportunities, and uncover white spaces by using unsupervised machine learning and innovative visualization algorithms - crucial elements in efficiently and precisely getting truly meaningful insights to find new and disruptive technologies that can change the future and better our lives.

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IPWeek 2018 • Singapore • September 4-5


Join VALUENEX and the world’s foremost IP thought leaders, legal experts, and innovative companies to gain first-hand insights into IP commercialisation and winning strategies that help expand your business into global markets. As Asia’s premier innovation conference, it is anchored by

• Global Forum on IP
A two-day multi-disciplinary forum where senior business leaders, policy makers, heads of IP Offices, lawyers and academics converge to discuss and debate cutting edge issues surrounding IP in the innovation cycle.

• IP Market Place
Connect with VALUENEX and exhibitors, IP experts and fellow participants over coffee at the IP Market Place and meet with IP experts through connections@ipmarketplace, a platform to consult IP experts on IP commercialisation, protection, valuation and government support.

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IPBC Global 2018 • San Francisco • June 10-12


IPBC Global has cemented itself as the global gathering for the world’s IP business leaders since it was first held back in 2008. From June 10 to 12 2018, IPBC Global will enter its second decade when the world’s IP elite will assemble at the Palace Hotel, San Francisco for the 11th annual event.

Building on the convergence challenge theme addressed in Ottawa in June 2017, the 2018 programme features innovative, new session formats specifically designed to encourage delegate interaction with members of the speaking faculty and to facilitate discussion around critical topics.

As ever, IPBC Global’s unrivalled network of senior IP business leaders will ensure a speaking faculty unmatched by any other IP event. Panellists will be tasked with sharing key strategic knowledge points and experience of cutting-edge value creation issues, as well as offering deep insights into how corporate executives can most effectively tackle the challenges posed by today's constantly changing IP landscape.

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Technology Convergence: What is your global IP strategy to protect and monetize your IP assets? • Palo Alto, CA • May 2

Guest Speaker

High-tech and Internet-based businesses around the world compete to create new (and often disruptive) technologies, products and services. Many of these innovations result from technology convergence—where previously unrelated technologies are combined into a new product or service. An example of technology convergence is the self-driving vehicle, which combines automobile technology with GPS tracking, machine learning, cloud and mapping technologies, computer vision and data analysis, among others. Through a long history of innovation and commitment to R&D and the securing of patented inventions, many Japanese companies are well-positioned to compete globally in this environment. For such organizations, the key challenge may be formulating a comprehensive IP strategy to maximize the value of their patents and other IP assets.

Hear our speakers explore the topics of technology convergence and IP monetization through case studies involving Digital Health, Self-Driving Vehicles and other products in the Internet of Things space. Don’t miss the chance to explore strategies for your organization to create value from its IP.

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New Business Creation Forum 2018 - 3rd Edition • Tokyo • March 20


In the age of aggressive innovation, creating true value can be very challenging. Join us at the New Business Creation Forum conference to explore case studies of strategic and innovative moves that resulted in success stories.

VALUENEX CEO, Dr. Tatsuo Nakamura, will be giving a lecture on "Future predictions with Panoramic View Analysis × New Business Strategy” and joining the panel discussion titled "Is there the miracle cure for innovation in Japanese companies?”

Other panelists includes:

  • Hiroshi Saijyo, CEO and Managing Director of Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley Inc.
  • Naoki Sugimoto, CEO of Honda R&D Innovations, Inc.

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IPBC South East Asia 2018 • Singapore • March 16


As an economic powerhouse, the opportunities presented by Southeast Asia are huge, but as both local and international companies seek to increase their regional IP creation, R&D and manufacturing activities, the disparities between local IP frameworks can create numerous pitfalls and challenges.

It is against this background that IAM is pleased to be returning to Singapore for IPBC Southeast Asia 2018.

Being held at the Grand Hyatt Singapore on March 16, IPBC Southeast Asia 2018 will build on the unprecedented success of the inaugural event in 2017, which brought together over 270 senior executives from IP owners such as leading regional corporates, research institutions and governmental agencies, plus emerging companies from across the industry spectrum.

The programme will take the core themes of IP value creation and corporate IP best practice and discuss them from the regional perspective, with particular attention to innovation-based growth and cross-jurisdictional IP management strategies.

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World Intellectual Property Forum • Dubai • Jan 16-18


World Intellectual Property Forum, which will take place from 16th to 18th January 2018 at Hotel Raffles Dubai, is known for organizing one of the best Global IP event. The theme for the conference is 'Navigating the IP Compass'. This three-day conference will focus on recent developments in Intellectual Property and its syncing with business objectives.

This conference will also provide ample opportunities for business networking with visionary entrepreneurs and industry experts around the world. VALUENEX CEO, Dr. Tatsuo Nakamura, will be part of the panel on IP & Technology Convergence Mapping for Strategy Development alongside executives from Cognizant, Patinformatics, SciTech Patent Art Services and ipCapital Group.

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Next Generation Information Analytics Space (NGIAS) • Tokyo, Japan • Nov 9-10


With the rapid emergence of IoT, we are increasingly submerged in vast quantities of diverse data making not only its analysis, but also its effective utilization essential.

Various analytical tools and AI technologies – such as natural language processing - have been developed to attempt to harness this massive potential. However, their use has largely remained segregated by industry, severely limiting the opportunity to grasp the bigger picture and go beyond field boundaries.

The Next Generation Information Analysis Space (NGIAS) has invited experts in various industries to share their experience of information analysis and examples of its use to promote the exchange of ideas and perspectives among people from different fields and business sectors.

Dates & Time: Nov.9 (Thu) from 11:15 to 19:45 and Nov.10 (Fri) from 10:00 to 18:15
Networking Reception: Both evenings
Venue: Jinbocho, Tokyo

Register here (JP only) or contact us directly at

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IPBC Asia 2017 • Tokyo, Japan • Oct 29-31

Gold Sponsor

The Asia-Pacific region is cementing its position as the focus point for the international IP market as its rapid development drives deal making, IP investment and litigation trends. Against this background, IAM is pleased to be returning to Tokyo for the fifth IPBC Asia, hosted at the Palace Hotel on October 29 to 31 2017.

IPBC Asia is the only event in the region that focuses on how IP owners can strategically use intellectual property to secure greater operational flexibility, drive revenues, enhance bottom-line returns, increase shareholder value and provide leverage in the financial markets.

As in previous years, sessions will explore key issues associated with IP value creation, but with a specifically Asian flavour. Our faculty of speakers is comprised of individuals in charge of intellectual property at some of the region’s most forward-thinking companies, as well as senior players in the global IP market. Their unique insights and experiences will provide delegates with a thorough understanding of IP value creation strategy, as well as the many challenges that IP owners must address both now and in the future.

Returning to Japan, Asia’s IP powerhouse, IPBC Asia 2017 is set to be the largest yet – leveraging IAM’s extensive relationships with the Japanese IP community and the phenomenal success of previous IPBC Asia events to ensure unparalleled attendance from corporate IP leaders from Japan, the region and across the globe.

All sessions will be bilingual, with simultaneous Japanese-English translations and, as with all IPBCs, particular focus is attached to the networking aspect of the event which includes an exclusive welcome reception and the Asia IP Elite gala dinner banquet.

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IP World Summit 2017 • Amsterdam, The Netherlands • Sept 25-27


IP World Summit, formerly known as Global Patent Congress, is a one-stop shop for IP leaders offering a mix of thought provoking and practical sessions now covering a range of approaches to IP protection and monetisation, including patents, trade secrets, designs, copyright, licensing and trademarks.

Designed exclusively for Chief Intellectuals Property Officers, Heads of Patents, Heads of IP, IP Managers and Patent Attorneys, IP World Summit provides the opportunity to learn from global leaders about how to balance increasing business interest in your IP portfolio.

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Predictive Analytics in R&D & IP Strategy Development • London, UK • September 21

Please join Dr. Tatsuo Nakamura, founder and CEO of Valuenex, Inc, and a panel of influential IP and predictive analysis experts at a seminar in London’s home of scientific education and research, The Royal Institution of Great Britain, to learn how major corporates, manufacturers and law firms use Valuenex's predictive analytics to develop their R&D, M&A, and IP strategies.

Hear how we should approach Big Data and optimally analyse and visualize information, the use of predictive analytics for innovation, and how businesses can harness the power of AI. Our Presenters will also share real-life business use cases simulating M&A sustainability, R&D strategy development, due diligence, and finding emerging fields and white spaces across industries.

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Unveil the future with Predictive Analytics • Tokyo, Japan • July 21

Keynote Speaker

The Big Data revolution is leading systems that, thanks to analyzing current and historical facts, could predict your future habits and health, or help you avoid traffic accidents or paying too much for an airfare. Come hear from Dr. Tatsuo Nakamura, founder and CEO of VALUENEX Japan Inc., about how we should approach Big Data and optimally analyze and visualize information, the use of predictive analytics for innovation, and how our businesses can harness the power of AI. Dr. Nakamura will also share real-life business use cases simulating M&A effectiveness, evaluating relative value of technologies, and finding emerging fields and white spaces across industries.

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IC13 World Conference on Intellectual Capital • Paris, FRANCE • July 3-4

Panel Member and Presenter

The World Conference on Intellectual Capital for Communities 13th Edition organised by The European Chair on Intellectual Capital, the University Paris-Sud And UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Information for All Programme (IFAP) with a regional focus on Japan.

Join VALUENEX's president, Tatsuo Nakamura, for his presentation on How to Utilize IC for Investments during Session 4 on Monday, July 3rd from 3-4:30pm.

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