VALUENEXRadar Documents

Analyze and visualize your Big Data.

VALUENEXRadar Documents is an analytics and visualization platform used to run analyses of your own data sets. Often used to combine patent data with research papers, market data, financial reports, and customer reviews, it includes the same powerful analytics and radar mapping capabilities as VALUENEXRadar Patents, with fully customizable parameters of data that you upload into the application.

Discover hidden patterns and untapped potential by uploading:

  • Quarterly earnings reports

  • Human Resource records

  • Customer complaint data
    ... and any other kind of compiled text

  • Start-up data

  • Scientific reports

  • Medical research data

  • Financial news

With VALUENEXRadar Documents you can upload and analyze up to 100 000 documents and 2.5+GB of data per analysis, and fully customize the way to view the output. Supported analysis languages: English, Japanese, Chinese.


In addition to the panoramic view analytics and visualizations of VALUENEXRadar Documents, we also provide an offline application to analyze downloaded results with the same advanced capabilities: ClusterMapViewer.