Your Guide to the Future

With teams of experts from various backgrounds focused on problem-solving and innovating, VALUENEX Consulting Services have had an immeasurable impact on clients' growth and expansion into new territories since 2006. Utilizing in-house expertise plus proprietary technology for Big Data analytics, we provide project-based solutions for clients across the spectrum by extracting actionable insight from patents, research papers, financial reports, market data, consumer reviews, and any other kind of formatted text data.

Strategic Analytics for R&D Planning
Map market evolution and emerging areas

Innovation Inspiration
Discover untapped areas within your scope

Defensive Strategizing
Detect who is approaching your core competence

Trend Analysis
Follow company, industry, or product-specific movements
IP-based M&A Due Diligence
Measure technological synergy and compatibility

Competitive Intelligence
Uncover competitors' R&D strategy for preemptive action

Predictive Modelling
See where your competitors are going before they do

Network Analysis
Connect experts and core groups to maximize potential
Challenge us!
Let us know your needs and we will create a proposal and action plan to meet them