ClusterMapViewer is an application for visualizing downloaded formatted data from VALUENEXRadar Patents or Documents.
Internet connection and login ID are not required, making it suitable for offline or shared internal use.

ClusterMap’s main features:

  • Label a selected area
  • Organize data chronologically
  • Check applicant distribution
  • Create contour diagrams
  • Pinpoint high-growth areas
  • Analyze results from VALUENEXRadar Patents or Documents
  • Highlight distribution of various specified parameters (assignee, keyword, IPC, etc.)
  • Check the contents of individual or groups of clusters
  • Identify clusters containing specific and relevant criteria

Select individual clusters to view a complete breakdown of data within, including patent publication numbers, applicants and assignees, abstracts, and key words.
Circle groups of clusters to see specifics of all included feature and compound words, IPCs, inventors, assignees, invention titles, years, and number of documents.

Chose key words, IPCs, Assignee, Inventor, or year to highlight clusters containing those set specifications to help you pinpoint areas of interest. Compound highlighting allows you to narrow your search even further.

Contour graphing shows dense and sparse areas, with the ability to set parameters to clearly show changes over time or between specified companies within the same fields of business.

Full breakdown of data

Display high-growth areas to target new and growing fields. Discover emerging technologies and find opportunities for investment, acquisition, or collaboration.

User customization