Comprehensive visualization of value potential is of fundamental importance because it offers insight on the potential of technologies to serve as foundations for the business frontiers of the future.
— Tatsuo Nakamura, CEO & Founder

As a pioneer in AI and predictive analytics, VALUENEX is an innovator and industry leader in the world's largest business-to-business enterprise software market, providing the most dynamically visualized and precise Big Data analytics software solutions, along with the highest-quality consulting expertise and in-house analyst training.

With our advanced Big Data and Intellectual Property Dashboard, we can customize solutions to meet the needs of clients in:

  • R&D strategy development

  • White space detection

  • IP monetization and evaluation

  • Financial instrument and asset management analysis and leveraging

  • Predictive modelling

  • M&A due diligence

  • Network mapping

  • Legal text and documentation analysis


Established in Tokyo in 2006, VALUENEX, Inc. is an innovative business that transforms large volumes of data into visualization graphics. This visualization enables clients to find information rather than search for it, thereby helping to identify unnoticed patterns and find new inspiration. After spending 15 years as a consultant in the prestigious Mitsubishi Research Institute with a focus on his expertise in operations research, intellectual property, and data mining, Dr. Tatuso Nakamura developed the algorithm that eventually became XLUS TechRadar (now VALUENEXRadar Patents). This panoramic view analytics and research tool provides a radar visualization of document similarities, which is a dramatic innovation in the area of intellectual property.

Now a leader in the industry and with offices in Tokyo and Silicon Valley, VALUENEX's proprietary algorithms have a growing list of users in all fields of business and research, with patent lawyers, portfolio advisers, and data scientists as heavy users, doing analyses in English, Japanese, and Chinese.


Featured clients

The Executive Team


Tatsuo NAKAMURA (Ph.D)
CEO & Founder

Ph.D in Engineering. 15+ years as a consultant at Mitsubishi Research Institute. Researcher in the Science & Engineering faculty at the University of Tokyo and Adjunct Professor at Waseda University.

Silicon Valley based


Business Development Division Director

MSc in Engineering. Background in research at the Japan Research Institute, as well as a wealth of experience consulting in the IT field. Proficient in several areas of high spec computer science.

tokyo based


Ikuya KUDO
CFO & Corporate Division Director

MBA from University of Wales. Has been CFO at several corporations, and has led to successful IPOs of start-up IT companies. Comes from a legal and financial background, and is an expert in management. 



Director of Global Operations

Entrepreneur and founder of startups in aviation and logistics fields. Core experience around application development for data analytics and pricing model optimization. Also an FAA and JCAB certified pilot. 



Katsuya HONDA (Ph.D.)
R&D Division Director 

Ph.D in Material Science. Strong background at a number of prominent Japanese research centers, including the Mitsubishi Research Institute. Focuses on technology development and implementation.

tokyo based


Jiyoung CHOI

MSc in Engineering from University of Tokyo and MBA from Yale University. Background in capital market at the Morgan Stanley. Focuses on building the team and expanding business of VALUENEX USA.


The Members


VALUENEX's growing team of 30+ data scientists, analysts, researchers and consultants come from an array of specializations, but all share the same traits: passion and curiosity. At VALUENEX, we believe that this hand-picked motley crew is our strength. The assortment of personalities and backgrounds is what keeps us fresh and innovative. They are the key to our success, and yours.

The Shareholders

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